Even cross-eyed chickens don't like flies!

Peck-It is a computer and mobile  arcade game about catching bugs endlessly looping around chicken!

Here's how it works:

  • Click or tap to eat bugs
  • Watch your bug meter!  If too many bugs accumulate, you lose
  • Some bugs are harder to eat, but are worth more points
  • Look out for the bees, if you eat them you will lose points!
  • Make high scores and last as long as you can!

And it's as simple as that!  If you can keep up with StinkyKitty's piano playing, you just might save the day!


Programming - MrPiedPiper

Art, animation & piano - StinkyKitty

This game was made with no outside resources in 72 hours.

Current reported high-score: 123


Peck-It!-Windows.zip 15 MB
Peck-It!-Mac.zip 17 MB
Peck-It!-Linux.zip 17 MB
Peck-It!.apk 24 MB

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